David Ho's The Meditating Cat series returns with Milk Temptation Ⅱ!

Back in 2015, VTSS Toys transformed one of artist David Ho's "The Meditating Cat" digital paintings into a sculptural rendition titled "Exposing My Demon". Revisiting their collaboration, VTSS have revealed a second piece made with Ho, namely the pictured "Milk Temptation Ⅱ", continuing the artist's exploration of fusing "the dark with the humorous and the traditional with the contemporary". Depicting a feline in zen meditation amid a Japanese rock garden, the stone placed before him being suspiciously breast-like, this surely ties into the title of the piece as well as the Buddhist belief that one should eschew worldly desires. Standing between 14- and 15-inches tall, this work is made from polystone resin and is accompanied by a bamboo tray, a bamboo rake, and a patterned resin ball with stand (though the ball can be placed on the white sand for further contemplation). Limited to only 50 pieces worldwide, each coming complete with a signed and numbered certificate of authenticity on a giclee print and packaged in a handsome laser-etched wooden box, these debuted in an extremely small quanitity back in February at the Infinity Japan Contemporary Art Show. Available online for the first time, interested collectors can reserve their copies now from the VTSS online shop for $1500 with completely sets expected to ship around June 10th, 2018.

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