Luke Chueh's "殭屍 [Jiāngshī]" Coming from VTSS Toys!

Initially conceived as Luke Chueh's first foray into comic strips, "Ghostbear" (or "Ghost Bear") has since taken on an art and illustration-based life of its own, including a stunning custom interpretation made with J★RYU (see HERE). And now it seems that Chueh is taking the idea further, evolving the cartoonish ghost outline of the character into something akin to a Halloween costume, a human's scrawny feet emerging from beneath the spectral-looking sheet. Reimagined as a homage to the jiangshi, or Chinese hopping vampire, this sculptural rendition has its arms outstretched and a Taoist talisman affixed to its forehead. Titled "殭屍 [Jiāngshī]" and being produced by VTSS Toys, this is being teased as a forthcoming vinyl release! While no word on edition size has been announced yet, the release date has been vaguely set as "soon".

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