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Scott Tolleson teases his OBSIDIAN Shard Dunny release!

We have been patiently waiting for the next SHARD release from Scott Tolleson... and today, we got the scoop for you all! The next 3" Shard Dunny release is being called the OBSIDIAN edition and yes... this one will have a chase figure as well. The regular edition is a black resin with "stone texture" swirled within (top picture) where as the chase features a crystal clear resin with black swirl (bottom picture) - both very stunning looking... and both very unique as each one will be different because of the production process!

Set to release via Scott's webstore HERE next Friday, April 27th (probably 9am PST)... this edition will be limited to 80 pieces total... 70 regular pieces and 10 chase pieces... making your chances at snaggin a chase version up 1/8 - pretty rare, but very worth it. These will retail $55 a pop and will most likely be limited to 3 per customer. We will update you all next week as the drop draws closer... this post is your warning - get ready!

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