Kidrobot x Mike Fudge - KUBA 5" Dunny Art Figure released!

Kidrobot is excited to introduce... and release, the KUBA 5-inch Dunny Art Figure by Mike Fudge! This awesome new Dunny is just what the doctor ordered... we love it! Featuring super clean lines and utilizing the Dunny platform, Mike Fudge really let loose his style on this, and Kidrobot produced with the utmost quality in mind.

"Kuba was first discovered while excavating an ancient burial site in the late 1800’s. He is described in ancient texts as a mischievous combination of beasts with a desire to balance the dark and light found on the physical plane. His varying appearance may take shape as a playful light colored figure but also has the power to morph into a dark, more sinister incarnation. Kuba’s connection to so many ancient cultures is unprecedented and suggests a bond between the many societies that made up the ancient world. Originally discovered in Colorado, Kuba has been found in his multiple forms on almost every corner of the earth. In the past, figures of Kuba were given as gifts to fight off evil spirits but there is evidence that the dark version of Kuba would bestow upon its owner a transcendental state of psychedelic vision that would pave the way for accurate predictions of the future and impossible knowledge of the past."

Kidrobot sent one of these out for us to review and we instantly fell in love... taking pictures outside is where this Dunny really shines, and check out our quick little video review as well! The Kuba 5" Dunny Art Figure by Mike Fudge is made out of high quality vinyl and comes in two collectible colors. The GRAY version is limited to 1300 pieces worldwide and this kidrobot.com exclusive WHITE version is limited to 300 pieces worldwide. Get them both today and balance your vinyl collection!

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