Colus x Kidrobot - "JUMPER" resin release announced!!!

Back in August of 2016, we shared this post HERE featuring a new sculpt from South African born artist, Colus, where at that time, it was titled "Jumperr" (with 2 r's)... fast forward a few months and we shined more light on the sculpt HERE and HERE as Colus released a limited number of these at Dcon - those he made all by hand.. and then we announced HERE that Kidrobot was going to pick this up (along with some of his other sculpts) to produce them in resin. Now, it's March 2018, and we have the official word and drop info on this amazing piece as Kidrobot is excited to announce the release of JUMPER by Colus!

Standing almost 11" tall, this beautiful yet eerie resin art toy will drop HERE tomorrow at 9am PST and yes... there are 2 colorways. The classic available in MATTE BLACK  resin and the Kidrobot exclusive WHITE  resin edition - both limited to 200 pieces and both retail for $200 a pop... we couldn't be more happier for Colus as we have been following his journey in the designer toy scene from the get-go! Will you be adding this next level sculpture to your collection?!?!

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