"REANIMATED" King Korpse custom by BicC!!!

It's not very often you get to see customs on massive pieces such as James Groman's amazing KING KORPSE figure... and if you do, they are in cooperation with the company who produces the figure - in this case, Instinctoy - but every now and again, there are collectors out there who snag up these massive pieces and hand them off to their favorite customizer... and that just happened to Colin Hoffman aka BigC as he just completed what he is calling the "ReAnimated" King Korpse.

Utilizing this giant chunk of soft vinyl, he painstakingly painted over every square inch of this zombified gorilla... and with the already fantastic sculpt, Colin was able to pull out the detail with every layer of paint he laid down... color us impressed :-) Oh... and what's better yet, some of the paint used is glow in the dark paint... so this BEAST GLOWS! like mentioned above, this was created as a private commission... but it be on display at Five Points Festival - so if you plan on heading out, be sure to check it out in person! Be sure to follow Colin on his Instagram for more fun projects he has in the works!

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