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Call in the Shōwa TK Troopers… and the Pink Ones too!

"Just when the war seemed lost, they appeared holding the line with the Tomorrow Kings!" And these war heroes are none other than the "Shōwa TK Trooper" and its "Shocking Pink Trooper" counterpart. And these roughly 13-inches tall figures have the perfect hyper-movability for the battlefield thanks to the 28 points of articulation found on their 1/6th scale frames. Designed by Ashley Wood as the newest addition to his Popbot universe, these threeA produced pieces include four sets of pouches, a SHOWA shotgun, a sword, eight grenades, and three interchangeable pairs of hands: relaxed pose, fist, and gun-holding hands. Made out of a mixture of ABS plastic, PVC vinyl, POM thermoplastic, and magnets, the quote-unquote regular version also features a cloth capelet. Now for the bad news: these are Bambaland.com exclusives, meaning — according to the warning we gave — they are available only in the 3AA Member's area of the site. But, for those that were smart enough to snag a membership, these are available now and will each come with a Bambaland Passport sticker, the figures costing $220 apiece (worldwide shipping included).

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