"SPOOKY VISION" series 1 custom Dunny series from Mus Musculus!!!

There are customizers/artists out there who you can tell just oooze with talent, and Jorge(Eric)Alvarez aka Mus Musculus is one of those folks... as if it's not already apparent from his work pictured in this post - so good! His first series of custom Dunny's, ones he is calling the "SPOOKY VISION" series 1 features custom painted Dunny's with a monster/horror theme... and what's even better, these are his first ever painted 3" Dunny's.

Inspired by classic Halloween and Horror flicks such as The Fly, Zombi, ect. these themes mixed with his own art style and vision, Mus Musculus utilized acrylic paints to bring these monsters to life. All are airbrushed and hand painted... and they are being made to order as a commissioned basis at $150 a pop... the kicker, they are limited to 5 pieces of each design, which are: Zombi, Mummy, El Chupacabras, The Melt Man, and Pumpkin Head! That being said, original one-offs can be purchased at $200 a pop and will include an original drawing based off the character as well! If interested, email him directly via musbone@outlook.com or look him up on Instagram as well! These are just a taste of things to come... get ready for so much more from this uber talented artist!

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