One, Two, Three… Scoops of Terror! Introducing "Sugar Skulls: Skoops"!

I've loved Brutherford Industries's "Ice Scream Man" design since it came out in 2012, it being an elegant mixing of dripping ice cream imagery with subtle skull aspects. But given that new "Ice Scream Man" figures don't seem in the offering, I'm hoping this lifesize "Sugar Skulls: Skoops" might become a worthy replacement. An evolving concept, this piece comes in three versions: the 5-inch tall "Single Skoop", the 7-inch tall "Double Skoop", and the 10-inch tall "Triple Skoop" with its cherry on top! Produced in resin by OctoKing Studios, each one that comes with painted decoration is hand-painted by the designer, WyattOfTheAfro. Being offered right now through Kickstarter, hurry up and back this campaign if you want to see it made reality as there is only 5 days left for them to reach their goal!

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