Dr.chickeye is sorry to disturb you, but…

"Hello! sorry to disturbing", thus began the first email I received from Dr.chickeye. And I quickly began to suspect that his apologies weren't regarding interrupting my day but rather because he was about to show me something that would haunt my dreams. You've been warned, fair reader. Turn back now or risk having your dreams disturbed as well! Congratulations on your bravery! As a reward, let me introduce you to Dr.chickeye's first vinyl figure form, the roughly 4⅗-inch tall "Punk Ancestors". And lurking underneath its stubby mohawk are aspects from classic kaiju, such as Ultraman's ears, Alien Magma's arm, and even Godzilla's body.
Initially teased by the good doctor back in October of last year, with a small selection of unpainted purple pieces offered just as 2017 closed, he's now thrilled to offer the first painted release of the character! But those interested will have to act quick, expressing their interest to the artist by emailing drchickeye [at] 163 [dot] com with the subject line "punk ancestors" and the following in the email's body:
1. Full name
2. Instagram username
3. Shipping address
4. Phone number
5. Paypal email address
Due to the expected demand, Dr.chickeye will accept these emails until January 30th, 2018 at 8am Pacific time, shortly after which he'll randomly select "winners" who will be contacted about paying $65 (plus shipping) for their copy of "Punk Ancestors". Good luck, everyone!

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