Rato Kim's "BoxCat" Returns as "DinoCat" for V-Day!

South Korean artist Rato Kim's "BoxCat" creation has been impressing us since we first discovered it a year-and-a-half ago, and the cubed kitty has taken many forms since, including the dinosaur hybrid rendition called "DinoCat". Using her soft vinyl rendition of the form, the artist has now made a selection of "Valentine DinoCat" pieces, their slightly pinkish transparent bodies allowing one to gaze upon an assortment of colorful beads locked within it as well as the slightly larger red heart contained therein too! Made specifically from Stream Art's "Be My Valentine Exhibition" at their Beijing Gallery, it is unclear if they will be available through the space's online store or not. But Rato Kim has announced that she will have her own personal Valentine's Day edition available worldwide, though there is no hint as to what those might look like… at least, not yet.

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