Glitch – "Pecan Blackout" from Coarse!

The guys over at coarse are excited to share with you Glitch – Pecan Blackout, their latest coarse original and our first ever blackout wood sculpture. This rare edition finds the defiant paw! with arrow and his two friends perched atop his head, each one joyfully oblivious to the angry creature they sit upon. The stained-black American pecan wood and the glossy white resin of the birds make for a timeless contrast for your Glitch and blackout collections.

Glitch – Pecan Blackout is entirely crafted in coarse's Los Angeles studio, and due to the work-intensive process, this is limited to only 25 pieces. Each figure stands 10.8” tall and will arrive in a screen-printed wooden box. Available HERE this coming Friday, December 1, 2017 at 7:59am... Glitch – Pecan Blackout will retail for $1199(with shipping included)... don't miss out!

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