Circus Posterus x Tara Mcpherson x Tomenosuke - Stella and Flux unpainted "Green" sofubi released!

Having refered to this creation for over a year as "Girl with Seahorse Unicorn" or "Girl with Seahorsicorn", we're thrilled to learn the official name of this Tara McPherson design... "Stella & Flux"! Produced by Tomenosuke + Circus Posterus, the seahorsicorn aspect of this 8.75" tall soft vinyl figure is supposedly removable, revealing McPherson's reoccuring "hole through the chest" concept in the girl. Sculpted by Kaneko Yohei of Mirock Toy, the debut unpainted edition, featuring a nice green sofubi, is limited to 40 pieces, 20 of which will be available from Tomenosuke at the upcoming Tokyo Comic Con... and the other 20 are available HERE right now for $100 a pop! Don't sleep on this... go now!

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