Ayako Takagi's "Ultra Uamou" Returns to Earth!

An official Ultraman tribute piece originally made for a series of Tsuburaya Productions's 50th anniversary celebrations throughout Japan, Ayako Takagi's "Ultra Uamou" figure returns from Nebula M78 to the Earth in a platoon-sized "Ultra Uamou Pastel" plethora as well as two "Big Ultra Uamou Gray" versions! With the 2¾-inch tall, regular-sized "Uamou" figures issued in the four below-pictured Blue, Yellow, Pink, and Green "Pastel" tones, this fourth offering of the Unbox Industries produced, above-pictured "Big Ultra Uamou" not only uses the Ultraman character's traditional gray coloration but is also the first of these roughly 11⅚-inch tall renditions to feature yellow eyes! Available today (November 30th, 2017) at 5am Pacific time from the Studio Uamou online shop, these will be very limited releases and will thus be restricted to one of each of the six colors per person. And if you want to learn more about Ultraman as well as "Ultra Uamou", watch my video review with Peter Kato HERE.

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