Teimaru's custom FORGOTTEN TERROR BOY - [SPOOK] - HALLOWEEN PUMPKIN specimen Squadt!!!

We don't get nearly enough emails from Teimaru... and we mean that in the most awesome way possible as his customs always blow us away, but when we do, we savor them and find the right time to post them up... and that time for his most recent figure is now - HALLOWEEN! Introducing his FORGOTTEN TERROR BOY - [SPOOK] - HALLOWEEN PUMPKIN specimen... and hot damn does it look amazing!

Teimaru goes onto mention, "3 years ago I had the idea of making an Halloween Pumpkin Squadt. I enjoy Halloween and autumn seasons, and quite enjoyed the Ferg Halloween drop each year. As there was not any pumpkin specimen, I starting to think about creating one, and quickly all the ideas for the custom went into my insane mind. The best part and challenge was to sculpt the pumpkin helmet, and to manage to stick with the squadt vibe and spirit. To manage something spooky and funny, which would bring fear and smile at the same time, and get this particular “effect” that squadts release." Spot on... and you can really see the amount of time and effort that went into the production of this.

How about a little backstory... "Behind the squadt Asylum, there is a field, a kind of strange place, where things appear and disappear so fast that the eye can’t figure out if it was reality or disturbed dream. There have always been a handfull of pumkins layin’ in this field. Pumpkins, that of course, had something strange and weird surrounding... One night around October's end, years ago, a Jack, Asylum employee, was trying to find the knife he had forgotten there sooner. Suddenly something grabbed his leg, his lantern light was blown off, seconds later he had disappeared within a melt of pumpkins absorbing him in a weird-soundly and cloudy orange disaster. Nobody managed to find back this Jack, and some cold and creepy October nights, if you look attentively and try not to breathe so noisely, you will discern a Pumpkin Specimen, draggin a scythe over the ground, and carrying in a lantern, what seems, maybe, the soul of a carnaly dispossessed and lost Squadt who wanted his knife back..." Even if the Squadt era is over after Ferg ended the Squadts production, this year, a new Halloween Squadt has risen! This piece isn’t for sale, but the helmet is casted, so Teimaru might come up with something later on... more on that in the near future. Awesome work, dude... and Happy Halloween! Follow Teimatu via Instagram... you will not be disappointed!

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