Mutant Vinyl Hardcore's "Halloween Zug" Available Now!

Fans of Mutant Vinyl Hardcore know that the brand's owner, sculptor, painter, and all-around creative jack-of-all-trades Rich Montanari tends to bring a special release forth for his fans on Halloween, and this year is no different! His massive "Zug the Troll" creation has been summoned in a special "Halloween Zug" edition, each soft vinyl figure having been hand-painted by Montanari as well including a silkscreened loincloth and club weapon accessory. And for fans that expect Halloween to bring forth a "Sam Heinous" edition, this troll comes with an orange head sack stamped with Sam's head on it! Packaged in a bag with header card, these pieces also include an MVH iron or sew on patch and a sticker. Available right now while the extremely limited supplies last, you can try to add one of these beauties to your collection from the Mutant Vinyl Hardcore web shop for $350 apiece.
UPDATE: The sales method has changed to lottery, which one can learn more about HERE.

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