Colus × Kidrobot's "Ravenous" in Black & White Editions!

Loosely inspired by his "The Harvester" 3-inch Dunny design from the 2014 series "The Art of War", we've been in love with this more realistic raven interpretation since we first spotted it in 2015 at DesignerCon. This "Ravenous" creation is finally being issued as a limited edition piece from Kidrobot, though it remains a high-end resin sculpture as opposed to a more mass-produced vinyl version. While we'd previously shared the packaging's appearance, we're thrilled to bring you pictures of the matte black version (limited to 300 pieces) as well as the Kidrobot.com exclusive white version, both of which will be available on Tuesday, October 31st, 2017 at 9am Pacific time for $200 apiece.

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