Marsham Toy Hour: Season 2 Ep. 27 - Monster Mash-Ups!

This week on Marsham Toy Hour, Theresa is back and the gang mentions some leaks and sneak peeks including: Jobi the Moon Fox Worldwide Pre-order • Konatsu Exhibition at MyPlasticHeart • Randalulu Luckylulu Pre-order • Kronk X-mas Pudding Dunny • Super Articulated Action Figure Blanks • "Welcome to My Daydream" Will Vinton Documentary. They also discuss mash-ups and the abundance of pop culture in designer toys, and they get into the Halloween spirit with a game of "Monster Toy Mash". Sit back and enjoy! Head on over HERE to listen!

Oh... and if you haven't yet, check out the episode I was on HERE.... we had a good time and talked about everything under the sun, plus, George was in a good mood!

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