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William Tsang × Steven Choi's "Oni Warrior" from Unbox Industries!

Stunning is the one word that comes to mind upon seeing the above teaser, revealing the "Oni Warrior" design by William Tsang, Steven KH Choi, and Unbox Industries. Tsang's name will be known to many as one-third of the iconic Brothersfree group, though Choi isn't an unknown, having produced many memorable works under the Syncircle Design Company name as well as creating his Zu & Pi illustration cycle. Of course what really matters here is there collaborative figure, a design that draws heavily from Japanese folklore and classic illustration style. An oni () is a hideous, gigantic ogre-like creature, typically depicted with sharp claws, unruly hair, and long horns, all of which are obviously present in this sculpt. I love how it is even wearing a tiger-skin loincloth, which is a very common element for them, and how it appears that it might have Tsang's "Leo Romeo" lion's head — in a realistic manner — affixed to it. Announced as coming soon, we suspect that there will be both red and blue skinned colorations offered, as those are classic versions, and we're hoping that it might come with an oni's iron club accessory, called a kanabō (金棒).

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