The Green Army Man Becomes Adorably Monstrous!

When it comes to analyzing the sculpts of pieces, it can get tricky based on one's own personal bias and the artist's creative aesthetic. Unfortunately for the "Ngeaw Soldier" creation designed by Ngaew ngaew and produced in resin by Topztoy, it breaks my one cardinal rule: realistically intended elements need to be pristinely executed. Based on the classic Green Army Man toy soldier pieces, this piece's imaginative creature elements look great but the army attire is rough and suffers from shaky sculpt lines. Of course, this could've been the desired look by the artists, and that's their choice, I just personally feel it makes it look rushed and inexpertly done. Standing roughly 3-inches tall and limited to an edition of only 50 pieces, these will be displayed at Art Toys Thailand (ATT2017, Fortune Town, 2nd floor, near MRT Rama9 station, Bangkok, Thailand on August 5th & 6th) and can be pre-ordered now from topztoy.storenvy.com for $35 apiece.

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