The Ending of Spaceballs, All Grown Up… Courtesy of 2bitHACK!

If, somehow, you've never seen the sci-fi comedy classic Spaceballs, then consider this your spoiler alert warning regarding this post. For those that know the 1987 film, then the above-pictured teaser by artist 2bitHACK is obvious: it's an interpretation of the singing and dancing Chestburster from the ending, now having grown-up into a big ol' Xenomorph with top hat and cane. This appears to be a roughly 2-inch tall keshi-style figure, like the M.U.S.C.L.E. rubber toys of yore, though cast in a hard resin. Being made by the artist to sell as he travels around San Diego Comic-Con, since he doesn't have a table or booth, we understand he's already made a number of copies. If you'll be at SDCC, then make sure you follow 2bitHACK on Instagram for clues as to where he is on which days.

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