Richard Strohmeyer's "Spice" Versions of "King Creepy"!

Having discovered the 6-inch tall "King Creepy" resin figure by BroBot Toys, artist Richard Strohmeyer began hand-painting copies of the works at night after working as a teaching assistant in an Autism program by day. Giving a surreal twist to the already strange, gremlin-like forms, Strohmeyer's four finished one-of-a-kind "Spice" versions -- the pinkish "Drone Spice", the corpse white "Mummy Spice", the blue-tinted "Spirit Spice", and the festively green "Xmas Spice" -- whose toothy grins are accentuated by their glowing eyes. Available now directly from the artist's online shop for $75 apiece, these definitely are not for the faint of heart.

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