Yosiell Lorenzo's "Sicklings: Crystal Series 2" Beauties!

Artist Yosiell Lorenzo has delved deep into his Black Twig Forest's world, finding a group of his "Sickling" creations that have ventured to the Coal Burning Mountains and gathered crystals to bring back to Somber Hollow. Known collectively as "Crystal Series 2", following up last year's first installment, these resin creations are all in editions of only 2 or 3 pieces, except for the mini sized ones with are made in groups of 10. All coming signed and numbered, the full-size versions are embellished with crystals, namely amethyst, rose quartz, green quartz, and orange citrine, while the mini renditions have been cast to mimic the appearance of clear amethyst and smoke quartz. Available today (July 20th, 2017) at 11am Pacific time in Lorenzo's online shop, this will be a truly memorable day for Sickling lovers.

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