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Onsite Recap: Yosiell Lorenzo Dreadful Delights at Woot Bear!!!

Saturday marked the opening day of Yosiell Lorenzo's solo exhibit Dreadful Delights at Woot Bear! Yosiell's last solo exhibit at Woot Bear was in 2015, so it was exciting to be onsite and check out the festivities! I've personally been a big fan since I learned of his work a couple years ago, and seeing his creations in person, in a show setting, made me appreciate his work even more.
These circus characters have beautiful details, with a mix of hand sculpting, and hand sewed clothing and accessories. Yosiell mentioned that the sewing was a more recent addition to his mix of skills, but you wouldn't know it from the intricate gold embroidery on the black top hat, or the playful caps with the adorable puffs. These pieces have all the right finery. Each gorgeous character took a few days to make.
I wasn't the only fan of the cap details - check out Jeremy Dale aka ValleyDweller looking as well! It was a lucky, unplanned shot. Yosiell also brought several Sicklings, a fan favorite - these were Halloween themed, with embellishment galore. Speaking of fans - a lot of faces were on hand to see Yosiell's show; faces I hadn't seen before, and also some familiar faces (like Jeremy and Zeb Goodell!).
I leave you with one last image - this one of a kind, electronically drawn print. There were two one of a kind prints that Yosiell made for the show, with this one being my favorite. Notice the bag of popcorn - visitors of the event also received bags of freshly popped popcorn! The rest of the print has some pretty amazing detail; it's hard to believe this isn't hand drawn on paper and then inked digitally; all of it was digitally drawn and colored. If you'd like to take this, or any other piece home, check out the goods online here, available now!

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