Kyle Kirwan's "Skully Bloom Volume 2" Pre-Order Announced!

It's been almost a year since Kyle Kirwan released his micro edition of skeleton adorned "Skully Bloom" pieces, which you can read about HERE, and now the design is returning in an inverted color scheme! But, more notably, Kirwan is finally giving the fans what they want: a larger edition size. By providing a 48-hour pre-order window, Kirwan is allowing for anyone that wants one of these 5½-inch tall hand-painted resin beauties to snag one. Well, up to a limit of 50 total pieces sold, at least. Titled "Skully Bloom Volume 2", the pre-order window will be from July 22nd at 9pm Pacific time until July 24th, 2017 at 9pm Pacific time on Kirwan's store for $35 apiece, with the works expects to ship at the beginning of September.

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