Conan the Barbarian becomes truly "Barbaric" in this model kit!

While I'll forever picture Conan the Barbarian as portrayed by a young Arnold Schwarzenegger, sculptor & 3D artist Oasim Karmieh has done a masterful job of interpreting the muscular Robert E. Howard character in his own manner. Titled "Barbaric conan", this unpainted ABS and resin model kit comes with 18 unassembled pieces, which together form the pictured 10-inch tall interpretation of Conan! Limited to only 10 unpainted kits for $99, which can be snagged from HERE… but wait, what about the painted version?!? Well, if you're like me and you prefer your pieces to come pre-painted, then Karmieh himself has assembled 2 — and only two! — sets. Featuring real leather on the weapon handles, gilding on the belt's lion head, real chains on the wrists and loincloth, and even realistic mud & grass on the base, this carefully detailed version includes all the removable accessories — including magnet attachable shield — as the unpainted version. Available now and expected to ship by the end of September, these ultra-limited painted versions will set you back $499 apiece from HERE!

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