Amanda Visell & Michelle Valigura's "Sparle Red Panda" & "GID Tiger Cub Nap"!

Featuring the return of the "Red Panda" in a "Sparkle" edition, this adorable, roly-poly beast from artists Amanda Visell & Michelle Valigura is resting on his curled tail. Standing roughly 2¾-inches tall, this is limited to an edition of 15 pieces hand-painted on the resin base by the artists, white are available now from duo's myswitcheroo online shop for only $40 apiece, and they are joined by a second release…

Yes, it's the innocent and alluring "GID Tiger Cub Nap", featuring a modern Lady Godiva, her long locks of hair are the only thing covering her au natural appearance, thought her bright eyes and easy smile say that she doesn't mind one bit. And, of course, she has the best lazy day companion of all, a tiger that's blissfully on its back, paws up in the air, deep in the dream state. With the Tiger being a massive 9½-inches long and the Girl being an equally impressive 7½-inches long, this massive hand-painted, glow-in-the-dark resin set is limited to only 15 pieces, available now in the myswitcheroo online shop for $190 per set.

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