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Jump Jumper Ant × Cucaracha Borracha's "Geisha 2" Custom Dunny!

After releasing the original "Geisha" custom Dunnys, hand remade by Méxican artists Jump Jumper Ant and Cucaracha Borracha into the likeness of the geisha gynoids from the American remake of Ghost in the Shell, they revisit the concept with the above-pictured "Geisha 2" piece. Yes, another masterful rendering of the 3-inch tall vinyl form into one of the beautiful but frightening fembots that took all our breath away as they crab crawl backwards in the trailer, their face's splitting open in a visceral display of machinery. This gorgeously rendered 3-inch Dunny, which its wonderfully sculpted faces & hair-dos as well as immacultely constructed fabric robes, is just slightly different from the original ones… and this stunning work of art is available right now! Yes, if you want this simply jaw-dropping piece, then email gahel [dot] igzz [at] gmail [dot] com for pricing information and reservation options.

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