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Nugglife 4/20 Drop... get ready!!!

Well... what do you know?!?! Ian Ziobrowski of Nugglife announced a massive 4/20 sale(surprise, surprise)... and all of the stuff is going to drop at 4:20pm EST starting tomorrow! What can you come to expect... "Stoned Eye" resin • "Gro Box" custom run • "Move Weight" Tee shirt • "Oscar The Nugg" 3-inch handmade sculpture • "Northern Lights" Mini Nuggs! Oh... and on top of that, Ian is hosting a giveaway! The Nugglife Giveaway on 4/20, all you need to do is re-post your favorite Nugglife image from Instagram or Facebook. Tag @nugglife and hashtag #nugglifegiveaway - he will be giving away the 7 items to 7 different winners! All of this happens HERE... don't miss out!

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