Buff Monsters announces his end-of-the-year Mega Melty Extravaganza sale!

The excitement is through the roof! After weeks of sorting, digging, and organizing treasures from over the years, Buff Monster curated an amazing collection just for you. It's like a reunion of all these incredible pieces! From exclusive tests and unreleased goodies to his secret painting projects, it's a treasure trove. And guess what? There's even more beyond what's previewed here. Some items he has just one of, some he has a few of; either way, there's a very limited supply of these archive items!
Oh, and drumroll, please! Buff Monster is also launching a NEW shirt and tote bag (the first in a decade)! Whether you're completing your collection, hunting for a special gift, or replacing something your furry friend mistook for a chew toy, now's the perfect time. And if you've been stacking up Stay Melty points, redeeming them now will score you fantastic discounts! As a bonus,Buff has got toys, trinkets, shirts, and other goodies from his own collection to include with every order. Remember last year's Extravaganza? Expect similar surprises! Everything goes live 12/13/2023 at 8am PST on StayMelty.com!

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