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Boy in the Corner Studio reveals 'Designer Toy Summit' exclusives!

So the Designer Toy Summit is here real soon - and we have been given the chance to show you the work of one our favorite artists who will be featuring 4 new stunning pieces of work at the event on March 18th in Memphis at the Agricenter. Boy in the Corner Studio (AKA artist Heath Duntz) has been a constant companion of mine online for the past couple of years, and the guy is as real as it gets. When Heath Duntz says he has something new which is going to make your brain itch, he means it and he delivers. This time round he doesn’t just bring one piece of work, he brings 4 pieces of work - and each piece is a stunner. This is the beginning of a series of figures called The Alchemists, and this is how you start a collection with a bang.

First up is "The Hunter" which is based on the platform of a Huck Gee Skullslinger.  This is a hand sculpted custom and base which contains real bone elements, and all accessories are magnetically attached and interchangeable.

Second is “The Test Subject” which incredibly is based on a Vinyl Idolz base and a Huck Gee 4" blank and looks amazing. This guy looks like he has possibly made some bad decisions over time…

Third is “The Initiate” and again Heath has done some incredible work sculpting on top of another Vinyl Idolz base and Huck Gee 4" blank, creating a really strong stand out character piece.

Finally the fourth piece (which for no strong reason I can give you is my favorite piece) “The Elder” - Heath has used the now classic David Flores Deathshead Mickey for the base of this one.  This piece is incredible and is the piece that leaves me wanting more… Go track down the Mothership Gallery booth at the Designer Toy Summit and grab one of these pieces while you can.

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