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Chris Lee x Matt Kaufenberg - "Joy Riders" toy project to hit Kickstarter this year!

The "Joy Riders" toy project from artists Chris Lee and Matt Kaufenberg has been in the works for over a year now, something that we have really been keeping our eyes on, and most recently, Chris posted up the above image with some exciting news! They are both really excited to get this Kickstarter off the ground... hopefully this spring, so soon... we might all be able to own this rad retro figure set! Oh, and it looks like Klim from Bigshot Toyworks is helping them develop the figures!
A video posted by Chris Lee (@thebeastisback) on
"Get ready to joy ride with the unpredictable cadet, Brett Bradfield and the by-the-book security and science officer Professor Xanthum."... as you can see in the video above, this prototype was on display at Dcon 2015, spinning around in all its glory... and having unforeseen snags along the way with production etc. it appears all things are ironed out. We really like that this is going to be a Kickstarter... mostly because the toy will be created, but also because we can only image the awesome tiers of art and goodies to be snagged up from these two talented guys. More on this very soon... stay tuned!

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