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Alex Gallego and his fun 3D caricature art!!!

Alex Gallego is an illustrator and caricature artist based in Spain. With a career that has seen him work with many clients around the world creating art and design in many formats and on multiple platforms, Alex is what you would describe as a talented and extremely prolific artist. When I see talented 2D artists moving towards and experimenting with 3D visuals, it’s generally an exciting and intriguing prospect.

Alex Gallego doesn’t disappoint with his very first batch of 3D printed figures created from his early journeys into the world of 3D. With the humor that Alex clearly infuses into his 2D work being so strong, it could be a worry that this would not carry over successfully into his 3D designs - having seen his work develop and grow over the past months this clearly isn’t going to be a problem.

The figures I have seen up close have a great deal of humor and draw directly from Alex’s caricature talent and abilities. I think if I had to pick my own personal favorite from this initial batch of work from Alex then it has to be “Frankenhipster” - this guy hits a lot of the right spots for me with references being drawn from vintage cartoons and horror movies.

Clearly there is more to come from Alex Gallego and we will stay in touch with him to bring you all the news as we get it. Check out his Facebook page HERE and his official webpage HERE for all up to date info! For more photos, check the link HERE.

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