LoFi Collective's "Skoll" Available Now as a PVC Production Piece!

After the previous editions of her fantastic "Skoll" character sold out in its resin debut (not to mention the holiday versions), South Korean artist Eun Byeol Choi, who is known as LoFi Collective as well as SunnyAndCloudyWeatherShop, has invested in PVC production versions of the "Skoll" design. Inspired by Norse mythology, "Skoll" was the name of one of the two wolves who pursued the sun and moon through the sky in hopes of devouring them… which they finally do at Ragnarok. The artist interpreted this concept as the pictured adorable little girl character who wears a wolf's head as a cap, has a furry tail attached to her dress, and carries lighting to throw as she chases the sun. Standing roughly 5-inched tall, these are available in the black "Rain" edition and the pink "Serenity" version, both of which are available now from the artist's new Etsy shop for $35 apiece.

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