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Seb Whatshisname's Balloon Dog Taking a Poop is Back!

Do you remember when we drew attention last year to eastern Poland-born artist Seb Whatshisname and his "POPek" sculpture, depicting a squatting balloon dog statue? Perhaps it might ring a bell if we emphasized the aspect of a small balloon having emerged from the canine's posterior? Yup, that one. And it seems we weren't the only people to take notice of it… Mighty Jaxx will be releasing a rendition of it! Inspired by Jeff Koons's massive stainless-steel "Balloon Dog" works, the glossy finish on it mimics the reflective, metallic look of Koons work perfectly while maintaining Whatshisname's own aesthetic. Set to be released on January 7th, 2017 in the Mighty Jaxx online shop, we can confirm that these will be roughly 8-inch tall versions as opposed to the below pictured roughly 5-inch tall original editions (photo by Kwang via Whatshisname).

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