Kidrobot presents: Breaking Free 8" resin Dunny by WHATSHISNAME!

Kidrobot presents the Breaking Free 8-Inch Resin Dunny by WHATSHISNAME. Pressure to be what your family wants you to be. What society says you need to be. What advertising says you’ll be happy to be. But you can break free. This collaboration between Kidrobot and London-based artist Whatshisname uses the canvas of the Dunny to explore the struggle between the parts of our identity imposed by the outside world and our desire to be our authentic selves.
This empowering 8-inch resin figure shows a person pressing back against the strictures of the world and in the process of emerging as themselves. Up for pre-order HERE right now for $100 a pop (Estimated shipping Summer 2022 - a long wait... but worth it), this is an awesome artist based Dunny... one that is super unique, very striking, affordable, and looks amazing to boot!

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