Oasim Karmieh's "Adulthood" Destroys Disney's Donald Duck!

In my book, Oasim Karmieh is the break-through artist of 2016, with such clean executions and exciting concepts rarely coming from someone in their first year active within the field. Admittedly, Karmieh has years of digital sculpting experience, but that will only get you so far when you are sculpting, casting in resin, and hand-painting everything yourself! Take for instance the pictured "Adulthood" piece, which depicts the Karmieh Industries bomb-shaped logo having landed, unexploded, but still taking a casualty… a rubble base lending hints here or there of the victim, who bears some mighty similar aspects to Disney's Donald Duck character! With four distinct elements — bomb, duck, limbs, and hat — all being removable, the display options for this piece feel almost limitless. Standing 6-inches tall, 8-inches wide, and 6-inches long, these handcrafted works of art are limited to 15 signed pieces that are available for pre-order now from Karmieh's online shop for $189 apiece, with finished works expected to ship in January 2017.

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