Otto Bjornik's Custom King Mega Munny Chesspiece!

For one collector who purchased Otto Björnik's "Reyna" 20-inch Dunny, owning the massive rendition of a queen chess piece wasn't enough… They wanted a king to match! Titled "Hari", the Filipino word for King, Bjornik was commissioned to modify and hand-paint an 18-inch Mega Munny into the likeness of the black chess piece. Standing two feet tall from base to top of the crown after countless hours of sculpting and sanding, this immaculately handpainted work of art took four months to complete. And it was worth every moment of waiting! With lots of expertly executed shapes and forms, the eyes on this piece certainly convey the depth and soul of the character. While a one-of-a-kind piece and not available for sale, those interested in commissioning Bjornik themseelves can contact him HERE.

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