Huck Gee's "Gold Life: Dark Golden Claw" & "XL Soul Collector" from Mighty Jaxx?!?

Huck Gee has shared the above teaser with us, which certainly appears to be a Blank-style rendition of his "Dark Golden Claw" design from the previously revealed "Gold Life, Series 2" proposal. Yes, we suspect this means it will be the next character in the relaunched "Gold Life" universe with Mighty Jaxx, but there's something even bigger in the picture… Look carefully. "Dark Golden Claw", which appears to be at the standard 4-inch tall height of the line, is being towered over by another figure in the background — and it is definitely the same design as Skullhead's Gold Life reimagining as the "Soul Collector"! This might mean some of Gee's The Blank figures have been customized by him into the likeness of the figure, but we think it denotes an extra-large version of the piece is in production work at the Mighty Jaxx offices. Time will tell, obviously…

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