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RxSeven's Skull-headed "Initium Novum" Custom Dunny Series!

From the first time we saw how Texas-based artist RxSeven, also known as SE7EN, was creating skull-shaped masks that fit over a Dunnys head, we knew he was onto something extraordinary! Casting these parts in resin, RxSeven has found a brilliant manner is which to do a series of uniquely sculpted multiples without crossing into bootlegging. As a surprise release, RxSeven issued these "Initium Novum" — "A New Beginning" — custom Dunnys, each based on a red panda's appearance! Limited to a total of 10 blind bagged pieces, these hand-painted 3-inch vinyl Dunny figures each come with their own resin skull-mask… with 3 lucky buyers getting gold variant versions! Available right now from RxSeven's online store for $100 apiece, he rarely does something as small — and affordable — as 3-inch Dunnys anymore so fans should snap these right up!

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