Splurrt × Devils Head Productions's "The Masked Diggler 3" sofubi figures!

After two releases in 2014, here and here, we're thrilled to see the return of "The Masked Diggler" design! A collaborative effort between Joe from Splurrt and Toby from Devils Head Productions, with the roughly 4-inch tall "Diggler" from the former donning a masked face from the latter's "Alavaka" figure. With the "Diggler" pieces apparently cast in red vinyl and the "Alavaka" masks in marbled white and red, these bling bagged figures apparently include unpainted and painted versions — as well as, we're guessing, some secret colorways that have yet to be teased! Available on Halloween proper (October 31st, 2016) at random times, these will be found in the Devils Head Productions's online shop for $75 apiece.

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