What is Fools Paraside's "The Last WHY" for JPX? A Joker-inspired version of "The Final Ride"?

Simply providing the teaser pictured above, it appears that Alan Ng's Fools Paradise will be once again partnering with JPX for a special release… one which we suspect is a Joker-inspired take on the brand's "The Final Ride" set. The previously released "The Final Ride" depicts the massive Bat Lowfool character, originally from the "I won't be a hero, Tim" sets, resculpted into a standing position with his gaze firmly upon a coin in one of his mighty mitts… before him resides a relatively diminutive coin-operated ride depiction of the Tumbler version of the Batmobile from Christopher Nolan's Batman Begins trilogy. And, if we're right, this set or some derivative of it will be reimagined as "The Last WHY," with the teaser above suggesting some Joker-inspired markings on this new version. Time will tell if we are right, but we've been told to stay tuned for more news on Halloween!

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