Halloween comes to the Haus of Boz as The Loz Boz unveils… "Pumpie" the Custom Dunny!

With Halloween right around the corner, UK-based artist Laura "The Loz Boz" Copeland has been busy decorating her Haus of Boz with all the traditional spooky trappings. Hearing a knock on the door, she answers it to discover that her friend "Pumpie" has arrived a bit early for the party! Having grown his costume from a tiny seed, he's spent too much time eating nothing pumpkin-based meals just so he could hollow the shell out and wear his squishy costume! This 3-inch tall vinyl Dunny has been radically resculpted by Copeland, adding not just his pumpkin guise but also an adorable face, before hand-painting the finished one-of-a-kind work. Available on October 27th, 2016 at 12pm noon Pacific time in The Loz Boz's online shop for £74.99 (approx. $92), this unique work of art is a must-have piece for all us pumpkin lovers out there!

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