Cacooca's "Think Panda #13: This Is Halloween" Resin Sculptures Available Now!

Wei Chen's panda-based designs as Cacooca have impressed since they debuted in 2002, and we're thrilled to see him continue his "Think Panda" line with his annual Halloween release. Properly titled "Think Panda #13: This Is Halloween," this work depicts the panda character lounging in a throne, ghost residing to his side… I love the removable pumpkin mask, which looks fantastic on the figure while the creepy look of the panda's face is just right when removed. Based on previous hand-painted sculptures by the artist, we assume this is roughly 5-inch tall and limited to between 100 & 300 hand-painted resin pieces. Works in this line typically cost around $55, with anyone interested being encouraged to contact the artist at cacooca [at] hotmail [dot] com to reserve a copy.

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