'Collect and Display's' artist of the month is Jenn and Tony Bot!!!

This month in 'Collect and Display's' "Monthly Custom Series", they are stoked to announce the work of Jenn and Tony Bot aka THE BOTS! The Bots have created a custom Dunny series using a carnival theme. Each is a 1/1 custom, and how rad do these look?!?! "There is nothing more sketchy than a traveling carnival. Surviving the rides is as questionable as surviving the food and the carnies that run it. Make sure you bring your money, these grumpy monsters are sure to empty your pockets." Have your pick at: Carny Mascot - £80 • Down a Clown - £80 • Vomit Comet - £80 • You must be this tall - £80. All of which will be up for grabs HERE starting tomorrow the 30th September at 12Noon PST!

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