The Blind Box 'Blind Boxes' for NYCC 2016!!!!

The folks over at the Blind Box Network have just announced a new BLIND BOX release... One is a NYCC exclusive box ft Dinkc, Shinobi Stinks, InkVisuals... and the other features Igor Ventura, Andrea Kang, JP Neang and more. Blind Box x Red Mutuca?? New Boxes!!!! If you aren't familiar with Igor Ventura, he is one of the top artists/designers in the game today, now you have a chance to grab a one of a kind Chameleon shirts designed by Igor! Shirts will be included at random and included in all large boxes!! This month they also include the incredibly talented artists above... so rad!

Every box has a chance of including pieces from previous line ups and each box will include one retail item as well as custom art and your chance to win a NYCC exclusive if your box includes a Golden Ticket by their official Blind Box 'Blind Box' Sponsor, Tenacious Toys! There will be 25 - $25 Boxes and 10 - $50 Boxes... Once they are gone, they're gone!! Hit up the BBN site HERE for more details, and best of luck snaggin up one of these jam packed boxes of goodness!

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