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Mutant Vinyl Hardcore's "Meaty Marbled" Releases from Lulubell Toys!

Following their previous meaty treats releases, we're thrilled to see that Lulubell Toys revisits these scrumptious "Meaty Marbled" renditions, each being cast in a random array of white and red to give the feel of prime cuts. Right now they are offering two rare, made-to-order releases from Mutant Vinyl Hardcore in this style: "ZUG the Troll" and "Sludgie!" With only a three-day window in which to preorder these gems — ending on Thursday, July 28th, 2016 at 12pm Pacific time — the $200 apiece "ZUG" includes its club and poop omakes, both in "Meaty Marbled" versions, though you can grab it and the $65 apiece "Sludgie" together in a set for only $250. Each figure comes bagged with a header card and special stickers, so don't miss your chance to preorder one now from the Lulubell Toys's online shop!

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