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Leecifer adds a little "Ugly" to his Honoo for 'UglyCon' at Giant Robot!!!

What's more adorable than big bulbous doe eyes, a short and stumpy body, and two little teeth protruding from a nondescript mouth slit?!?! Well... we can't think of anything really that fits this other than Leecifer's new rendition of his Honoo figure that he created for 'UglyCon' at Giant Robot! Leecifer took it upon himself to truly UGLY up his Honoo... and by doing so, made the above hand sculpted, hand cast, and hand painted resin art multiples for this rad event! Measuring 5" tall, 4.25" wide, 1.5" thick and weighing in at a hefty 12oz - these will be available at the event for $95 a pop!

We dig the WIP photos, the clean cast/sculpt (black) that he is calling "Jordan", and then the painted up figures in the final form... really neat! Oh... and he named these after people who have influenced him over the past year, well... we guess influenced is a loose term: "Justin", "Kat", "Kathleen", "Katie", "Ketha", "Matty Francis", "Paul", "Scotty", "Seth", "Stumpy", and our personal favorite... "Spanky" :-) for obvious reasons! Leecifer mentions that these will be limited to the event, but he has plans for other versions outside of UglyCon... exciting! Uglycon kicks off on July 9th and remaining on display until July 27th, 2016, those interested should subscribe to GR's email list to be notified of availability.

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