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Killer Bootlegs's "Rocket-Firing FrankenFett Prototype" Revealed!

While each person tends to have their own 'Holy Grails' of collecting, a common one across the board for Star Wars fans is the 1979 rocket-firing Boba Fett prototype figure from Kenner. Seriously, this figure was only ever a prototype, as it never went into production, and even then it was only seen once: at the 1979 Toy Fair in New York City. This all relates to Peter Goral’s Killer Bootlegs in that roughly four years after he debuted the “FrankenFett” figure, a mash-up of the Universal Monsters's Frankenstein with Boba Fett, he has evolved the design to include a functioning L-Slot "Rocket-Firing" backpack, just like that never issued prototype did. Pictured above in a variation of the well-known Kenner Prototype blue color, we're told that this fantastic figure is coming soon. Expect this to truly be a race to click "add to cart" faster than everyone else, as there is no way the massive demand for this piece will be met! Make sure to follow @killerbootlegs on Instagram for release updates and details as they become available.

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