More ToyConUK 2016 exclusives from Cometdebris!!!

ToyCon UK is taking place on Saturday the 9th of April at York Hall in London... and Cometdebris has just unveiled a ton more exclusives that he will have up for grabs during the convention. One of which... his brand new figure, "Tofu Kid"... who is adorable!!! This first edition will be GID, and will retail for just £25 a pop! Also up for grabs will be the "Aurora" edition of his Kappa Kid... this will retail for £25 as well!
You can snag up the Gravy Toys vinyl collab, "GARAK" during the convention... this rad looking Lizard man will retail for £35 a pop! Lastly... a new version of "Kappa Shonen" in the fantastic looking 'Green & Glow Marble' colorway! These will retail for £40 a pop. All of these releases will be at booth #41... be sure to swing by!

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